Lockdown Resources - new resources added 26 April

Below are a number of links to particular articles, podcasts, videos etc which some have found interesting or helpful. These will be updated as and when there are new materials to post.

Video: God sent a cleaner. Pastor Lee McClelland, Ark Church, Belfast, shares a moving testimony of God’s provision while in hospital with Covid 19. Shown as part of Sunday devotions 26th April 2020.

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Video: God was with me all the time. 90 year old woman from Kirkland, Washington, shares a short testimony of God’s presence with her while in hospital with covid 19.

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Video: Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, singing Psalm 34. Shown as part of Sunday devotions 19th April 2020.

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Video: HM The Queen’s Easter message on Saturday 11th April. Her first ever broadcast on Easter weekend. The transcript is also available,

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Article: “In this time of modern contagion, I find myself turning to ancient prayers”.We are not the first to face current fears. Many centuries ago, our Celtic forebears faced similar threats. Rev Steve Morris, Vicar of St Cuthbert’s, North Wembley, writes about their prayers in The Spectator. Click here to view.

Article: “Lessons from Spurgeon on coronavirus”. Tim Dieppe looks at how Charles Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of his age, addressed the people of London during the cholera epidemics of 1855 and 1856. One of a number of articles from Christian Concern. Click here to view.

Video: Medley of 1,500 years of Christian singing. Throughout the centuries, in good times and bad, Christians have expressed their devotion in song. Many of these we still sing today. Sung ‘a capella’ by David Wesley. Uplifting and cleverly put together. Click here to listen.

Audio interview with Dr RT Kendal about how God can use this crisis to wake us up and bring revival. RT is a popular and highly-regarded international speaker. For 25 years Pastor of Westminster Chapel, London, he has authored over 50 books, including Total Forgiveness.



Video interview with Condolezza Rice about faith in times of national crisis. She was National Security Advisor on 9/11 (and later US Secretary of State). She tells something of her life story, along with some inspiring things about seeking wisdom and guidance. It comes from Menlo Church in California from Sunday 15th March.
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'Ask N.T. Wright Anything' podcast, specifically about responding to Covid-19 and self-isolating. Tom Wright is a foremost New Testament scholar, previously Bishop of Durham, then Professor at St Andrews, now in Oxford. Author of many books, including his popular Surprised by Hope. There's no video, so you can listen while doing the ironing. Click here to listen.
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