Manse Garden

Although ‘confined to barracks’ we are still encouraged to take daily exercise, either alone or with members of our household, while keeping a 2m distance from others. Public parks are currently closed and we recognise this may make things particularly difficult for those with young children, especially if there is no garden to run around in. If it would help offset any ‘cabin fever’, the minister is willing to allow members of the same household to make occasional use of the grassy area in the lower manse garden. There’s enough space to kick a ball or play active games. Anyone wishing to do so, whether church member or otherwise, is welcome to contact him and arrange a day and time. To respect current guidelines and maintain safety between users, this would be limited to one household per day and would need to last for no more than an hour. Unfortunately, dogs would not be allowed. Please ring David or Ann on 01875 340963 if you wish to know more. 
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