Sunday 6 December, 9.30am in Ormiston

We look forward to welcoming you to our services.

ATTENDANCE: We are required by law to keep a note of everyone who attends, plus a means of contact. This is part of the Test & Protect procedure across the country. These will be retained securely for 28 days and then disposed of.

BOOKING: Please let us know by 1pm each Friday if you wish to attend the following Sunday service in either Ormiston or Pencaitland, along with names of anyone else who will be with you. This will help avoid delays on entry and assist in the allocation of seats. Please note that there is a restriction on numbers. So, if plans change and you are not able to attend after all, we’d be grateful to know. If you forget to book, we will endeavour not to turn you away but it may result in delays to others.

For Pencaitland, please ring or email Eileen Henderson: 01875 340482
For Ormiston, please ring or email Margaret Jarvis: 01875 614506   

ARRIVAL: Please arrive in good time, as it may take a little while to get everyone seated. Entry will be by the Winton aisle door on the north side. If there are delays in allocating seats, you will be able to shelter inside if the weather is unpleasant.

SEATING: In order to maintain 2m distancing, there are only certain places you will be able to sit. Someone will direct you to your seat when you arrive. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will be able to sit where you usually do, or where you would like to.

CUSHIONS: Please be aware that all cushions have had to be removed. However, you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

PERSONAL ATTIRE: As the outside door will remain open, it will be difficult to maintain the temperature in the building when it’s cooler. We advise being ‘weather aware’ and suitably dressed.

FACE COVERINGS: Unless under age 5 or exempt for medical reasons, everyone must wear face coverings in the church. If you haven’t one with you, disposable masks will be available. Please take it home with you afterwards.

SANITISER: This will be available at a table when you enter. Please use it on entry and exit from the building. Gloves are available if you wish to use them. Please do not wear your own gloves in church.

BIBLES & HYMN BOOKS: These will be available for use during the service. They will be quarantined after use until required at the next service.

COLLECTION: There will be a collection plate near the door when you arrive. It will not be passed around or brought to the communion table during the service.

SINGING: Unfortunately we will not be able to sing. Any music will be by means of CD.

SOCIALISING: Please conduct all conversations outside, while respecting a 2m distance.

REFRESHMENTS: No tea or coffee will be offered at the end of services at the moment.

TOILETS: The Carriage House will be open for the use of the toilets just inside the entrance.


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You can also access the meeting by telephone, as follows:

If connecting by mobile or ordinary landline

Please ring: 0131 460 1196 (it will be billed as a local call)

When asked, key in the Meeting ID: 970 0220 8617, followed by #

Ignore the next request for a Participant ID and simply enter #

When asked, enter the Password: 26 65 67, followed by #


November 2020

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