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Christmas Message 2016

So ... it's Christmas once again! Yet another year is drawing to a close and we're already being assailed by carols and festive things in the shops. Preparations are underway for services, concerts and nights out. Children are getting excited, placing their orders and counting down the days. All the while, somewhere in the background, is the story of the Nativity. It's a great story with a wonderful message, but we've been here before and we've heard it many times.  Christmas?  Bah, humbug!?

Minister's Message

Easter 2015

The Last Enemy
As a Christian minister it is always a great privilege to be called alongside people at times of bereavement. It's never an easy time for those left behind. Each situation is different and, depending on the circumstances, there can be a widely differing range of responses to the loss. These can vary from a sense of tragedy and an agonising, heartfelt sense of grief to a feeling of relief, either for the person who has died and may have been suffering greatly or sometimes for the person bereaved if the relationship has been very difficult.

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Christmas Message 2013

Quite recently, Jeremy Paxman, the Newsnight presenter, has accused the BBC of pogonophobia (the fear of beards) after much media comment on his facial hair since the summer. Not surprisingly, the Beard Liberation Front has offered its support in confronting the latent “beardism”  it discerns in British culture.

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Christmas Message – 2012
I’ve often been struck by the human capacity to feel two things at the same moment. For many years I was a part-time chaplain in mental health. One long-term resident, who I’d often chat to while doing my rounds, nearly always replied the same way when I asked her how she was, “Oh, the usual” she would say, “Happy and sad, happy and sad.”

Message from the Minister

Easter Message - 2013

"The Authentic Article"

Jim was, and still is, a very good friend – despite what we did to him. We were students and a number of us all shared a large house together.

Jim was always brimming with confidence. So, whether climbing, canoeing, felling trees or engaged in any other outdoor activity, he threw himself into things with zeal and bravado. None of it was careless – nor was it reckless – he was just blessed with  mountains of ability. He was also great fun to be around.

Message from the Minister

Christmas 2015

Only the good....?

A father took his son Billy to the shopping centre to see Santa. They stood in line until finally the boy was able to meet Santa and sit on his lap.
“What would you like for Christmas, Billy?” asked Santa.
“An X-Box and a Hobbit game,” Billy said.
“Okay, we’ll see what we can do about that,” said Santa with a big smile.
Later on they found another Santa at a different store. Thinking it might help to emphasise his request, Billy wanted to see him too. And, as before, when Santa asked Billy what he wanted for Christmas, Billy said, “An X-Box and a Hobbit game.”

Message from the Minister: The Flight of the Bumblebee

Probably most of us are acquainted with the urban myth that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly. The so-called impossibility of their flight is evidently based on something to do with the lift to weight ratio. Their wing span is too small to generate enough ‘lift’, given their size and weight.

Yet, wonder of wonders and, as a miracle of nature, they very obviously can.

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